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Don’t Break the Snow Bank – Affordable Lawn Care Services Lafayette, IN

Winter is Snow Problem – Affordable Lawn Care Services Lafayette, IN

Winter can be a time of joy and celebration if you are prepared to handle the weather. However, if you have not invested in snow removal services, removing heavy snow by yourself can have dangerous health risks. Slipping and falling on ice is a serious concern when it comes to clearing sidewalks and driveways of heavy snow, especially if layers of snow have continued to build up over the span of a few snow falls and a thick layer of ice has formed beneath it. In addition, shoveling heavy snow for hours can cause over exertion and eventually lead to musculoskeletal injuries and increased blood pressure.

Shoveling or scraping ice all day can also have consequences on the condition of skin and body tissue. That’s right—frost bite. If you’re outside shoveling in extremely cold temperatures without the proper gear, you could be subject to this painful condition. Frostbite causes a loss of feeling and a white or pale appearance in fingers, toes, ear lobes, and other extremities. If you start to feel your hands or feet go numb while shoveling, get yourself to a warm area immediately. Your health is not worth the risk.

Thankfully, you don’t have to strain your body or risk your well-being just to keep your sidewalks clear. There are lawn care service providers who will send their snow removal experts right to your door. When finding a professional snow removal service provider, look for experts who are willing to come to your assistance no matter the severity of the weather. The best part? It’s completely affordable. Lawn care service providers like Atlas Lawn Care will even give you a free quote before the process begins!

Atlas Lawn Care

Here at Atlas Lawn Care, we’ll ensure that your home or business is cleaned up thoroughly and safely. If you’re an existing customer, we’ll automatically come remove the snow from your house, sidewalk, driveway, and mailbox when it snows. You don’t even need to call! For commercial customers, we clear all driveways and walkways. Get your free quote now for our affordable lawn care services in Lafayette, IN.

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