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Falling Behind: Lawn Care Services in Lafayette, IN

Once again, we find ourselves in the glorious season of autumn. The apple cider is fresh from the orchard, the pumpkin pie is baking in the oven, your favorite sweaters are hung neatly in the closet, and gargantuan piles of dead leaves have accumulated in your front yard. Wait, what?!

Help! I Can’t Find My Yard! 

Now that you think about it, it’s been a while since you’ve seen the grass in your yard. Your kids have been digging a series tunnels under the thick layers of leaves, and the puppy has been using the piles as his own personal fortress. This scenario can give anyone a massive headache, especially if your yard is home to a few large trees (which is a common component of yards in Lafayette). Thankfully, with the right tools and lawn care services in Lafayette, IN, your yard will be visible again in no time.

Leaf Removal Techniques

First and foremost, leaf removal requires strategy. Some people start in the middle of the yard and work towards the outside, creating large piles of leaves in each corner. Others use an interesting method called the “zigzag” technique. This requires starting at one side of the yard and working toward the other in a zigzag pattern.  As you are raking in this manner, you are able to pull the leaves to either side of the yard creating quick and easy piles. You can try a few different methods and pick your favorite, or create an entirely new one!

Once you’ve picked a strategy, you need proper tools. While the age-old rake and muscle power is still a suitable leaf removal method, using a leaf blower makes the daunting task take considerably less time and effort. Leaf blowers are powered by either electric or gas motors and propel air out of a long nozzle. This air is propelled at incredibly high rates and will blow leaves and debris into large piles so they are easier to collect.  Battery operated leaf blowers tend to be the most convenient, because you won’t have a cord restraint as you are traveling across your yard to collect leaves.

Finally, when the leaves are either raked or blown into piles, they are ready to be collected and disposed of. Most experts pack the leaves into large trash bags so they are able to be easily transported and disposed of. Once you get rid of these large bags, your yard should be looking fresh and clean!

If this seems intimidating, have no fear! There are leaf removal experts who specialize in lawn care services in Lafayette, IN!

Leaf it to the Experts: Atlas Lawn Care

If you have more leaves than you know what to do with this fall, Atlas Lawn Care is here to help! We will provide you with an accurate quote followed by services tailored to meet your particular lawn and garden needs. Don’t be overwhelmed by the autumn leaves, call Atlas Lawn Care for the best lawn care services in Lafayette, IN at (765) 588-3333 today. We’ll have your yard looking spectacular in no time!

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