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Snow Way Out of My Yard – Atlas Lawn Care Services Lafayette, IN

From the looks of it, a cold and snowy winter is ahead of us here in Lafayette. For those of us who’ve grown up in the Midwest, this is no surprise. We’re used to the bitter cold temperatures that freeze the tips of our fingertips the minute we walk outside, and the aggressive wind chill that always seems to be blowing in the opposite direction of where we are walking. Is that even possible?

With cold temperatures comes, dare I say it, snow. Tons and tons of snow. While movies like “White Christmas” might awake our nostalgia and appreciation for the blanket of flurries that accumulate in our yard, those of us that have experienced the back-breaking exertion that comes with removing the thick layers of snow may not think of it in such a magical sense. While snow produces many wonderful memories like sledding, building snowmen, and throwing that perfectly sculpted snowball in your brother’s face (not that any of us have ever done that), it proves to be a real hassle when it comes time to get out of your driveway or clear the massive piles of white slush from your yard. Thankfully, Atlas Lawn Care Services in Lafayette, IN is here to take the hassle away from the impending snowfalls, which allows you to enjoy it! In fact, here are some winter activities we recommend trying this season!

Sledding on a Lunch Tray

Everyone has tried sledding on a typical sled, right? Why not take it up a notch and try sledding on a lunch tray! You may not zoom down the hill at impeccable speed, but you’re sure to make some memories trying this hilarious feat. Make sure you get a video!

Snow Paint

Fill a small squirt bottle with tap water and a few drops of food coloring. Use whatever colors you like! Take the squirt bottle outside, and start painting colorful pictures in the snow! You can use this “snow paint” to decorate snow men, igloos, and even decorate snowballs!

Snow Animals

Creating snow animals is similar to the concept of making snow angels. Create an outline of yourself in the snow, and make sure it’s deep enough that you can clearly distinguish the shape. Then, make ears, a tail, or whatever other animal features you want on the outline of your frame. If you still have snow paint left, decorate the heck out that snow animal!

Atlas Lawn Care Services Lafayette, IN

Here at Atlas Lawn Care, we want you to enjoy all of the positive aspects of the winter wonderland, leaving the complications to us. Instead of stressing out about snow removal, trust Atlas Lawn Care to remove that winter mess from your yard or driveway! If you’re an existing customer, we’ll automatically come remove the snow from your house, sidewalk, driveway, and mailbox when it snows. You don’t even need to call! For commercial customers, we clear all driveways and walkways. Contact our office to get your free quote now for our affordable lawn care services in Lafayette, IN.

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