get ready for winter by slit seeding your yard

Getting Ready for Spring: Slit Seeding Your Yard

Spring may seem a long way off, but when it comes to your yard and landscaping, a bit of early planning will go a long way toward producing a beautiful outdoor area once the warmer weather arrives.

At Atlas Lawn Care, we can slit seed your yard during the colder months, so that you can enjoy a healthy, lush lawn come the spring.

Slit seeding is less invasive than aeration and less expensive than laying down sod.

It may not provide the immediate results of sod, but the wait is well worth it. Once the seeds have taken root and grown in, it will rival and even outdo any lawn created by rolling out sod.

With slit seeding, the seeds aren’t just thrown onto the surface. Instead, we use our slit seeder to cut into the dirt or existing grass so that the seeds are placed directly in the soil, making it easier for them to germinate and grow. Our slit seeder cuts about ½ inch into the soil and drops the seeds directly in. This depth makes for excellent growing results.

Another plus is that existing grass doesn’t need to be pulled up to use a slit seeder on it.

Whether you have some bald spots on your lawn or are starting from scratch, slit seeding can be the solution.

Among the many advantages this process has over sod is that customers can choose from a wider variety of grasses. They can even mix more than one type of seed on their lawn, to account for areas with more wear and tear or sun and shade.

Also, once the roots have taken hold, lawns grown using this method are stronger and more resistant to drought or disease.

By simply sowing seeds on your lawn’s surface, you run the risk of having animals, especially birds, feed on them, wasting the seeds and your money. Strong rains can also wash surface seeds away.

Atlas Lawn Care can go over your grass variety options with you and advise you on the best combination. We’ll also let you know when the optimal time to slit seed your lawn will be since the right timing is also necessary.

We’ll make sure to cover the entire area you want slit seeded, so you can enjoy your lawn just as you had envisioned it. We’ll also take any sprinklers or other utility lines into account before starting our work.

Instead of the instant gratification of sod, a little patience will give you better results with real seeds.

Get ready for the warmer months by slit seeding your lawn. There’s no need to bother with disruptive aerations or expensive sod. You can have the gorgeous, green lawn you want and Atlas Lawn Care can help.

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