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While I do appreciate the diverse tones in my front yard, it seems the yellow is overtaking the green. I know I should have kept up with lawn maintenance, but I just didn’t have the time. Also, it isn’t winter anymore, so why is the yellow increasing? I thought it was hibernating…or something.

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How about you? Do you have yellow patches in your yard during summer? Has all of your watering been for naught?

Sometimes yellow patches can result from physical damage. Foot traffic, chemical spills, too much pesticide, leaving things in the grass for too long—these are all things that can cause or contribute to yellow spots in the grass. But few people realize some of the natural causes for yellowing grass.

One natural cause of yellow patches is dormancy. There are warm-season grasses and cool-season grasses that will have a dormancy period at some point during the year. If you’re unsure as to what type of grass you have, Atlas Lawn Care services in Lafayette, Indiana can let you know. There are many different species of grass, and they are commonly mixed together, so if you have cool-season grass mixed in with warm-season grass, then you may have yellow patches in different areas of your yard all year around.

Grass Health

First of all, there are many diseases and insects that can cause yellowing grass. If you feel that disease or insects may be affecting your grass, call a professional rather than trying to make your best guess.

Another main contributor to the yellowing of grass is nutrient deficiency. One such nutrient is nitrogen. If your lawn is not getting enough nitrogen, it will gradually change to lighter shades of green until it eventually becomes yellow. You’ll also see reduced growth with a nitrogen deficient lawn.

You can fix this problem with proper fertilization. But if it isn’t done properly, you can actually make it worse. This is best done by a professional who can not only fix the problem, but they can even tell you IF that’s the problem in the first place.

One more issue that can cause discoloration is iron deficiency. Most commonly, the affected parts of the yard will be close to concrete. Your driveway, sidewalks, and decorations made of concrete have a high level of alkaline, which absorbs iron in the soil, causing an iron deficiency.

Most people don’t know that even dog urine can cause yellowing! The reason for this is the pH level present in the urine. Your lawn care professional can test the soil, and there are a variety of strategies that can be employed in order to remedy this issue.

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If you think you’re experiencing any of these issues, call Atlas Lawn Care at (765) 588-3333 for lawn care services in Lafayette, Indiana.

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