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How to Get the Best Lawn Care Services in Lafayette, IN

The neighbors are starting to give you dirty looks. You’re getting complaints from the local fire department that your lawn is a legitimate fire hazard. You can’t get to your mailbox and back without looking like a supporting character from “The Jungle Book.” If this sounds like you, it might be time to give your lawn a makeover. Big time.

Lawn Care Services in Lafayette, IN

What should you do when your lawn looks like it barely survived the apocalypse? Weeds, my friends. Weeds are key. Eradicate the weeds, and your lawn will be astonishingly easier to maintain.

The Homeowner’s Mortal Enemy: Weeds

Weeds are like that obnoxious relative that comes around every Thanksgiving just to stir up trouble; no one likes them, but they keep coming back. Weeds grow very fast and often smother other plants in order to get the most light and nutrients. If these weeds aren’t removed quickly, they could essentially deprive your entire yard or garden of nutrients. These weeds aren’t messing around.

Weeds also produce massive amounts of seeds and germinate them very quickly. One of the most well-known garden weeds, the Dandelion, is a prime example of this.  While they start out as a beautiful yellow flower, the delicate yellow petals soon turn into loathsome white puffs of weed seeds! Oh, and that delightful habit of making a wish as you blow on a Dandelion? Well, those wishes spread countless Dandelion seeds across your yard, your neighbor’s yard, and quite possibly the next five yards down the block. Let’s just say, the more you wish on a Dandelion, the more time you’ll spend plucking out forests of Dandelions come next year.

Some weeds, such as the common Ragweed, can produce thousands of seeds ready for germination in one single plant! Other garden weeds, like Crabgrass, contain their supply of seeds in the lower stem system that root underground. If you don’t pull out the entire weed from the soil, root included, it will simply pop back up again in a matter of weeks, more aggressive than ever.

All of these weeds have a natural defense system that protects them from animal consumption, humans trying to pluck them (imagine that), and other environmental threats. The Nettle plant is a terrific example of a weed with a high class defense system. If anyone tries to pluck or eat this plant, the oils from the weed will cause the intruder’s skin to break out in itchy red patches. While this reaction only lasts about ten minutes, it’s enough to keep the victim away for good.

Now What?

You took your neighbors’ advice (in the form of slightly judgmental glares), and decided to find out which types weeds are infiltrating your yard. But, now what? It would take you days, maybe weeks to completely rid your yard of these distasteful invaders. Thankfully, there is a solution.

Atlas Lawn Care

Atlas Lawn Care will come to your aid to rid your yard and garden of aggressive weeds. With fertilization and weed control, Atlas Lawn Care will keep your lawn looking remarkable while you don’t worry about a thing. Leave it to the lawn care experts, and call Atlas Lawn Care at (765) 588-3333 for lawn care services in Lafayette, Indiana.

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