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The Best Weed Control

Aug 13, 2015

You love your garden. It is in full bloom and you are enjoying the bright beautiful flowers, but then you catch sight of something far less appealing, a weed. A gardener’s worst enemy, weeds are invasive and an eye sore, but there are some precautions you can take to rid your beautiful garden of these atrocious monstrosities.   Mulching With Newspaper Weed Prevention is the best method. When beginning to plant your garden or as the flowers begin to pop through the freshly thawed winter ground, put down newspaper in layers of one to two sheets and fully cover the entire surface …

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Watering Tips From Lafayette’s Top Lawn Mowing Service

Jul 13, 2015

Use Sparingly Less is more when it comes to lawn care . Unlike the flowers and bushes in your garden, grass only needs to be watered once a week depending on what the soil type you have is. If you have clay-heavy soil, watering twice a week may be necessary.  And don’t be afraid to let Mother Nature do you a favor by doing some of your work for you.  However, there is an exception to this rule. Areas that are high impact, like walkways, need a little more attention.  Also a lawn only needs about half an inch of water every …

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Mulch: More Than Decoration

Jun 1, 2015

Mulching is a yard work task most Lafayette IN homeowners prefer not to do. But did you know that mulch refers to more than just wood chips and it serves as more than just something to make your garden “look pretty”. Why Should I Buy Mulch? Mulch serves more functions than making the flower beds look pretty.  Insulates the ground:  Mulch serves a purpose in more than the summer and spring. As the temperatures fluctuate throughout the year, mulch acts as an insulator. In the cooler months it keeps the frost away from the plants and keeps them cooler in the summer …

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What is Aeration?

May 27, 2015

You may be wondering, what is aeration and why do I need it? We at Atlas Lawn Care in West Lafayette, IN can provide that answer for you.  Aeration is the process of using a machine to take .5” wide, 2” deep holes out of the soil to allow nutrients, water and air to the roots of your lawn. This is an important process that will keep your lawn full and green. Aeration is also important if you are trying to restore your lawn, not just maintain it. How Do I Know If My Lawn Needs Aerated? If you have a high impact area …

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