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What is Aeration?

You may be wondering, what is aeration and why do I need it? We at Atlas Lawn Care in West Lafayette, IN can provide that answer for you.  Aeration is the process of using a machine to take .5” wide, 2” deep holes out of the soil to allow nutrients, water and air to the roots of your lawn. This is an important process that will keep your lawn full and green. Aeration is also important if you are trying to restore your lawn, not just maintain it.

How Do I Know If My Lawn Needs Aerated?

If you have a high impact area in your yard, aeration becomes more and more important. In order for a lawn to stay healthy, it needs to have access to all the nutrients, water and air. Without any of the above, the lawn will suffocate. We recommend aerating areas due to:

  • Heavy traffic. Walkways, play areas and sports fields are highly trafficked areas, which will pack down the dirt.  When the ground becomes compacted, the roots are unable to expand, weakening the grass. Furthermore, weeds thrive in dense dirt and heat. 
  • New home construction. During the excavating process, contractors often bury rich soil. Aeration will bring desirable topsoil to the surface, giving grass the nutrients it needs to grow.
  • Dry lawns. The lawn dries easily or when it does get wet it feels like a sponge. This means you have a thatch problem. Thatch is a mixture of loose dead and living roots and stems that build up fast then they can break down. It gathers between what is green and growing on the surface and the soil that has the nutrients the grass needs. Thatch will suffocate the lawn making the grass weak and sparse. 

These are only a few of the situations that could endanger your lawn this summer. If you have questions about what that is, give us a call at   765-588-3333 .

When should I aerate?

We recommend aeration be done in cool weather like the spring or fall. This is when the grass is most susceptible to any help you can give it.

 If any of the above sounds like your lawn, stop by Atlas Lawn Care in West Lafayette, IN to talk to our knowledgeable staff or give us a call at   765-588-3333 .  We would love to help you get that dream lawn this summer.

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